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Savvy in 60: Decreasing premiums

Welcome! You’re watching ‘savvy in 60’… A series that aims to make you more insurance savvy by breaking down insurance lingo, types of cover and much more. And today, we’re looking at King Price’s decreasing premium model. Yeah, you heard that right. We offer car insurance premiums that decrease monthly. The reason for this is that cars are always losing […]

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Savvy in 60: What is insurance?

Welcome back to ‘savvy in 60’… A video series that aims to educate you on all things insurance. Today we’re talking about what insurance actually is. Insurance is basically a way of protecting yourself from financial loss. Let’s say you have a car, right? While you’re on the road, you’re constantly at risk. Accidents, theft, fire… These are just some […]

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Savvy in 60: Tyre and rim cover

Welcome to ‘savvy in 60’… A series aimed at educating you on insurance lingo, types of cover and more. Today’s topic? Tyre and rim insurance. Now, as you can probably guess, tyre and rim insurance covers your car’s tyres and rims. Let’s say you get King Price’s tyre and rim cover and you happen to hit a pothole or drive […]

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How to lock and erase your phone remotely

We store so much important personal and financial data on our devices nowadays that it’s not just an emotional tragedy when our phones are stolen or lost. It’s a major threat to privacy and could even result in some rather scary consequences. Like emails being read, or someone accessing apps. If your phone goes missing and you don’t want your […]

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Drive less, pay less with the king’s chilli car cover

We’re turning up the heat. We’re giving you a reason to stay warm this winter. We’ve gone red-hot for savings. Okay, we’ll stop and explain, before this just gets ridiculous. Basically, we’re introducing comprehensive car insurance that could cost you R299pm… And you don’t even have to skimp on the level of cover! That means no sacrifices, just pure savings. […]

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It’s up to you to manage your fire risks

Farmers, as you well know, it’s always fire season somewhere in South Africa. Download our guides below to read more about how King Price agri insurance can help mange your fire risks. Download English version Laai Afrikaanse weergawe af

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