Emergency Assist

King Price emergency assist

Your own royal guard is just a call away

In a nutshell

You're part of our royal family now and we've got your back! The king has you covered, 24/7/365. Whether your issue is medical or mechanical, our emergency assist line is just a call away. It's always better to be safe than sorry. So, please save our emergency assist number on your phone now: 0860 50 50 50 (and press 9).

Your problem = no problem, when you're in the king's safe hands.

For any additional info on our assist services, please feel free to call 0860 50 50 50 or pop an email to [email protected]

The king's accident assist

All King Price comprehensive and theft and write-off policyholders have automatic accident assist cover. Remember to call our emergency assist line after an accident, and we’ll take over for you. If you’re not able to call us, please have someone do so as soon as possible.

  • Arrangements for your car to be towed to a King Price-preferred place of repair.
  • Arrangements for transport back home or to your place of work, for the driver and passengers.
  • Cars not listed and insured on your King Price policy schedule.
  • The cost of any parts that may be needed for repairs, such as batteries, tyres, lubricants, keys, locks, etc.
  • The cost of any petrol that we may need to bring to you.
  • Towing or repairs that aren't booked via the king's emergency assist line.
  • Commercial cars used for business or trade.
  • Non-registered or unroadworthy cars.
  • Recovery of the car if extra help is needed to move it to an easier place to be towed from.

The king's roadside assist

King Price comprehensive car insurance clients qualify for the following emergency roadside assistance within SA borders. This type of assistance is limited to 3 incidents per year, per car that's stated on your policy schedule.

1 of the king's hand-picked towing operators will tow your car to the nearest approved place for repair or safekeeping.

You're covered for the labour cost of the tyre change… At roadside and non-roadside locations.

10l of petrol will be delivered to you as soon as we can. The cost of the petrol is for your own account.

We'll be there in a flash to jump-start your car and get you on the road again.

Our locksmith will be on his way soonest and you can rest assured that you're covered for the first hour's labour.

In an event of a breakdown more than 100km from your home, you're covered for 1 of the following:

  • Accommodation for the night.
  • Taxi service to give you a lift home.
  • Rental of a group B rental car, subject to a few T’s and C’s. Refer to your KPPD for more info.

The king's home assist

We take pride in our royal treatment. So, if you're a home contents or buildings insurance client you qualify for the following assistance with household or outbuildings emergencies. This type of assistance is limited to 3 incidents per year, per insured address that's stated on your King Price policy schedule. So, try to be careful! The cover includes the call-out fee and 1 hour's labour.

Something broken... Something fixed

Help is just a phone call away.

Your problem = no problem... You're in the king's safe hands.

The king's medical assist

Your safety is our concern, always. After an accident, King Price comprehensive car insurance clients are entitled to any of the following medical assistance services. These are completely free, as long as the accident occurs within SA borders.

If you need emergency medical care, we'll pay to have you transferred to the nearest hospital as quickly as humanly possible.

If the treating doctors or medical assistance directors recommend that you be transferred to a different hospital, then we'll cover that too.

We'll transport you to a hospital closer to home, if the current hospital doesn't have the facilities to do so, within 24 hours of the accident occurring. This can only be done if your medical condition permits it, or if your treating doctor advises that longer hospitalisation is required.

You, or a person representing you, must call our emergency assist line as soon as possible and within 24 hours of any event that requires you getting medical assistance. This is very important, even if the urgency of the situation requires instant assistance from another medical service provider.

  • When the emergency isn't medically justified and can adequately be treated at, or near, the place where the injury occurred.
  • If you're able to travel as a seated passenger in any form of transport, without needing a medical escort.
  • If you need medical care as a result of you intentionally trying to commit suicide, and/or if you participated in any criminal activity.