Collectable car insurance

Pricey wheels don't have to = pricey premiums

In a nutshell

Some cars are super special... Like classic and high-value collectable models. And, if you own a special collectable car, chances are that you don't drive it every day. That's why we recommend 'pay per k' insurance for it.

You see, our 'pay per k' insurance is super-hot comprehensive car cover, just cheaper because you only pay for the kms you drive. So, if you drive your supercar less (like, only on weekends) you'll pay less!

Keeping track of your mileage

It's super important that we know your monthly mileage, and it's super simple to let us know. You can:

  • Install an approved tracking system, which will automatically send your mileage to us.
  • Download our app and update your monthly mileage yourself, for free.
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What it's worth

Because most collectable cars don't have a formal industry value, you'll have to give us a valuation certificate for yours. This valuation will help us to determine an ‘agreed value'.

This agreed value will be noted on your policy schedule and:

  • Is the maximum amount payable by us in the event of the total loss of your car.
  • Must include the non-standard fitted extras and accessories, as well as any parts and accessories you're storing at the insured address.
  • Won't depreciate.

Please note: It's your responsibility to let us know if your car's value changes.

If you need to claim

But let's hope you won't ever need to

We know that parts for your collectable car may not be readily available. So, if you submit a valid claim for damage, we'll come to an arrangement to cover the necessary parts and labour. If possible, we'll manage the repairs though our accredited providers. However, if this isn't an option, we may pay you cash so that you can manage the repair process.

Please note: You must do a self-inspection via our app within 30 days of a claim for damage being settled. Failure to do so may affect future claims.