'Pay as you farm'

Save up to 30% annually while enjoying comprehensive cover

In a nutshell

We’ve milked the tech world to bring you real-time tracking that knows when your vehicles are in the shed, so that you can make real-time decisions. On our side, we add this time up to give you an annual rebate of up to 30%, while keeping you comprehensively covered at all times.

Save up to 30% annually

The king of insurance has partnered with FarmSpace and Africa Farmers Network. Together, we offer you comprehensive cover and help you to save up to 30% annually.

Sometimes your harvester is used daily for weeks on end. Sometimes that same harvester is stored in the shed for months. With ‘pay as you farm’ you’re comprehensively covered either way, but because we know when your vehicles are in the shed we can use that information to give you a rebate when you renew your policy every year.

What makes ‘pay as you farm’ different

It’s your entry point to the 4th industrial revolution. A tracking device is attached to each vehicle, which is connected to software created especially for farmers. This means that you can track each vehicle, every moment of the day, from anywhere on or off your farm.

You get back data that’s specific to your situation, so you have the information you need to make actionable real-time decisions, whether you’re on your farm or somewhere else.

You no longer have to rely solely on spread-sheets and gut feel. ‘Pay as you farm’ has been created to improve your overall farming experience by saving you time, and giving you comprehensive cover and an annual rebate.

With King Price, the future of farming is saving, and with ‘pay as you farm’ you could save up to 30% annually. Let’s talk about how you can reduce your capital risk while enjoying comprehensive cover and getting an annual rebate with ‘pay as you farm’.