Home contents insurance

If you turn your home upside down, we'll insure everything that falls out

In a nutshell

With King Price’s home contents insurance, you can claim for the things that make your house a home. It’s that simple! (Home contents insurance is sometimes called household insurance by other, well, boring, insurance companies... But we’re anything but boring.)

We’ve got your goodies covered

So, from TVs and tablets to Tag Heuers... From shoes and sheets to your collection of Sade CDs... From granny’s antiques, to your garden furniture and wine glasses...

You own it, we’ll cover it!

The king of insurance offers comprehensive home contents cover, competitive premiums and royal service... We’ve got the ‘full house’!

Comprehensive home contents cover

With comprehensive home contents insurance you’re covered for the loss of, or damage to, items in your home, which belong to you or to any members of your household who live with you, but not including tenants.

Fire and fury cover

With this home contents insurance option, you’re covered for the loss of, or damage to, items in your home, which belong to you and the people who live with you, except if this loss or damage is the result of theft or attempted theft. So, fire? Covered. Storm damage? Covered. Robbery? Afraid not. Our fire and fury option also doesn’t cover any loss or damage arising from theft or attempted theft. With this option, your home contents are covered against fire, but not if the fire was started by burglars.

Portable possessions cover

Sometimes, you do need to take things from home out on the town with you... Your laptop or tablet, for example. Or the ‘it’s designer, dahling’ bag you keep it in. Or your watch, or expensive jewellery. While the king covers these items at home, if you’d also like to insure them against loss or damage that happens anywhere else, you need separate portable possessions insurance. Please note: Jewellery and watches that are worth more than R35,000 must be specified individually on your home contents policy schedule, and locked in a safe when you’re not wearing them. Also, we’ll need valuation certificates for jewellery that’s worth more than R15,000. Having these in order upfront will save tears and time down the line. Promise.

Goodies on-the-go need portable cover

Sadly, we don’t cover these things under home contents:

But the good news is that they can be insured as portable possessions... And, if you have comprehensive car cover with the king, you get to insure bicycles and hearing aids (and more) for just R1 monthly!


Understanding under-insurance

It’s important to value your household correctly when taking out home contents insurance. King Price pays out for items at their current replacement value... Because that’s what it costs to buy new things. So, for example, the leather lounge suite that cost you R12,000 on sale 4 years ago, would probably cost you a great deal more to replace, now. The ‘great deal more’ value is the 1 that we need to know upfront, because that's what we base your premium on. If we paid a claim for this furniture based on R12,000, it would leave you at least a sofa short. And we'd hate for that to happen.

Frequently asked questions about home contents insurance

Contents insurance is known as home contents insurance in our kingdom. This type of cover pays for the cost to repair or replace any of the prized personal possessions that you keep in your home if they're stolen or damaged by some kind of risk, like a burst water pipe or lightning strike.

Home contents insurance covers a range of possessions that you keep in your home. We say that if you take the roof off your home and turn it upside down, then what falls out = your home contents. For example, your furniture, fridge, clothes, and kitchen appliances. If it ain't nailed down, it's usually covered by this policy.

How much you insure your home contents for depends on what it would cost to replace them. You can work this out by going from room by room, filling in an inventory (click here to download a template) and then adding replacement prices. Then, it's easy to cover your home contents for their correct value.

Home contents insurance works by paying out an amount to replace your stolen or damaged valuables. Before you get the cash, the excess is taken off, as well as any under-insurance. As an example, if you insure your contents for R20,000 but their actual value is double this amount, and you claim R5,000 for a stolen TV, we'll pay out half of what you claim.

Household insurance (or home contents cover, as we call it) covers the valuables that you put into your home to make it your very own. But, it doesn't cover things like bicycles and hearing aids (these are portable possessions), or geysers, swimming pools and anything that's considered a fixture in your home, like the fitted carpets and windows (these are covered under buildings insurance).

  • Bicycles.
  • Contact lenses and prescription glasses.
  • Cellphones.
  • Hearing aids.
  • Jewellery, watches, laptops and other things that are stolen or damaged while you're not at home.
  • Geysers.
  • Fixtures, like carpets, windows and lights.

Damage that's caused by insects or pests, like termites, moths, or rats isn't covered by the king's home contents insurance. King Price covers more risks than most insurers in South Africa, but we don't like pests.