Cheap Insurance

Sometimes cheaper IS better

Sometimes cheaper insurance IS better… People bandy about the expression, ‘you get what you pay for,’ when they’re justifying a higher cost. Or looking at the bits of plastic that surround your broken treadmill, which cost you around R50.

Sometimes, it’s true enough. We totally agree that there is a time and place for paying more for better quality. For instance, a leather jacket is an investment that will last longer and look better than a pleather jacket, totally making it worth the higher cost.

But in the case of your short-term insurance needs, this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, price is 1 of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing an insurer to take on the task of covering what’s nearest and dearest to you. Like that rhinestone bedazzled unicorn you have in the corner of your bedroom (hint: that’s something home contents would cover).

It isn’t better to always pay more

Lots of insurers, especially older insurers, have done things the same way for a long time. That includes charging higher premiums for the same products and hanging onto the traditional ways of doing things.

The truth is that just because there are a few pitfalls when it comes to other cheaper options in life, doesn’t mean that you should have to pay ridiculously high insurance premiums, hoping that because it costs more that it will give you all the cover that you need.

You can get the best of both worlds and pay less for proper cover.

The real deal

Many moons ago (about 48 or 52 if we’re talking full moons) we set about making sure that our customers could enjoy the cover that they need with peace of mind, knowing that they haven’t skimped on anything by paying less.

We like to kid around and have fun, but we know our stuff. Like mad scientists in a lab, we painstakingly developed a wide range of car, home and buildings, portable possessions, caravan, trailer, and business insurance products… Not forgetting our R1 insurance for a range of valuables.

Each product is uniquely designed to provide cover for all kinds of situations and risks.

That’s why we’ve made sure that we offer super cheap premiums, including car insurance premiums that decrease every month as the value of your car depreciates. We’re not too modest to put it out there that we have 1 of the lowest claim-overturn rates around. That’s a fancy way of saying that we make sure that our clients’ claims are actually paid out.

The bottom line is that we’re determined to treat you fairly by providing quality cover and royal service, without putting a strain on your finances. It’s the fair and logical insurance choice that we think you deserve.

How you use the savings we give you is totally up to you. Maybe that investment leather jacket you had your eye on?